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Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Making more accurate decisions by using the most suitable and latest scientific methodologies concerning the conditions of decision and environment of the problem is of primary importance regardless of the strategic level of the decision.

How it works

Make accurate multiple criteria decisions

This is a web-service calculation engine to facilitate the decision-making for managers, researchers, students, etc.


Inputs are importing from excel file and can be controlled in the browser controls.


Calculations are conducted in the server by a tested, approved, and accurate engines.


Results are presented in the browser and can be exported to excel file to be used for the further applications.

Decisions and Consulting

Making more precise decisions is our profession. MCDM methodologies are continuously developed and modified in the literature and every methodology has unique characteristics that can be applied to different decision circumstances. Our website offers the most suitable and optimal method regarding the exact scientific and business problem.

Technology and computer-aided methods

Computers are quickly adopted as an important position in real complex situations such as construction and decisions. Besides, web-service applications are state of the art in software development which are independent of platforms and their hardware configuration. This web site has a powerful calculation engine that is continuously developed to cover more MCDM methodologies and the latest updates based on the latest scientific journal papers.


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What We Offer

Decision support chain

We propose a chain of services to learning the latest methodologies with its latest updates, facilitating making faster and more accurate decisions, and finally, controlling the results and clearing more aspects of the desired decision.


Learn MCDM

MCDM methodologies are frequently used in different scientific applications, and finding the best and the highest stable method is of primary importance. We define methodologies, clear the mathematical background, and communicate with different scientists and developers.


Calculate MCDM

Calculation is always a time-consuming process in particular when it is needed to frequently control the results to prevent any unwanted error. We propose a stable methodology with a controlled and approved methodology to ensure accuracy and reduce the consumption of time with higher productivity.


Analyze MCDM

Performing sensitivity analysis as well as making comparison studies to analyze the results is a major role of this decision support software.

Our mission is to spread the MCDM methodologies and facilitate scientific and industrial decisions

There are a variety of MCDM methodologies in the literature. Combining this diversity and different calculation process make their application complicated for most of the scientists and managers. Staying up to date is our specialty and we have a team of highly educated and experienced scientists in this regard.

Strategic decisions
Complicated combination methods
Comparative analysis
Latest methodologies